Ozaukee/Milwaukee Humane Society does not test for FIV

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This is just a heads-up for anyone adopting a cat or kitten from the Ozaukee/Milwaukee County Humane Society. While the HS does test for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), they do NOT test for FIV (Feline HIV). They also won't pay for the test (which cost $50 from my vet).

FIV is highly infectious and can be expensive to treat if left undiagnosed (there is no cure, but an infected kitty can be more heavily vaccinated against common illnesses). It's especially important to know if you're bringing an infected kitty into a multi-cat household.

The HS will exchange kittens if your new kitten is FIV positive and you are not financially able to care for it, but it would be nicer to know before you get attached to a kitten.

Just so everything is clear, my new kitten is not FIV positive. I just think it would suck for someone to adopt a kitten, bond with it, then find out it has FIV.

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